THE ART OF DOING : Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield :*

the art of doing


Have you ever wondered why great achievers are in their high positions and become successful in their fields? Maybe they shared the same spectacular things..

That’s called “The Art of Doing”

This book is written by supportive partners Camille Sweeney and Josh Gosfield. I wasn’t expect much however, I found that I was quite enjoy reading this book. Randomly, I picked up this book and bought with 50% discount at Asia book booth at 44th National Book Fair and Bangkok International Book Fair 2016. I bought the book and the other economics novel “The big short” for only 199 Baths. Also,Without any expectation, I was amazed, built up with the details. After reading, I found that this book is easily explained how you should give your life hope and follow your goals. this is one of cool guidebooks for your life.

As my situation here, I can say that there are times I feel like I’m lost in the middle. Graduating and still unemployment is just like foggy clouds on my head. I’m not even sure about the future or the paths that I should continue on. There are many sails in the ocean and the winds are changing all the time.

The art of Doing is explained well by the writer in order by asking questions . For non-native speakers like me, I feel appreciated and become inspired.I’d to say that this book is decent one for How-to introducing books.

One of the wonderful things is that I fell in love with the timeline of success and how the writers put variety ideas and history of success in every careers.

When I finished the book, I learned some presuios things.

Please, just always remember your passions and desires,

Whatever you do, go for the ultimate.

Wherever you are, do not let your dream fade away.


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