‘Lean on Me’ inspirational movies and P-type of my favourite character.

I got the chance to watch ‘Lean on Me’ by recommendation of prof.Astrid. in Organisation Behaviour class at my graduate school. The impression is ‘Lean on Me’ provide the values of hope,motivations and educational supporting which I see that everyone should at least watch this movie and keep in mind about children’s problems in schools.


My favourite personality type in the character of “Lean on Me’’ movie is “Mrs.Powers.” Mrs.Power is an new music teacher at Eastside high school. She is African teacher who used to work and played the piano as an assistant of music teacher called Mrs.Elliot. After Mrs.Elliot was ordered to move out from the school by principal Clark, Mrs.Powers is in charge in singing chorus and music lesson. Refer to the movies, My analysis in personality type of Mrs.Powers is INFJ which are Introverts, Intuitives, Feelers and Judgers.


Mrs.Powers is introvert but not that extremely. “As an introvert, she is naturally suited to reflection, evaluation and thoughtfulness that is all essential qualities for a teacher”. She enjoys her workplace, avoids conflicts and does not have much conversation with Principal Clark or other students. She spends time teaching students through music. Mrs. Powers loves to be around small groups of children. She is calm and artistic person. She thinks a lot through her quiet time. still, when she got a chance to express herself as singing high school songs called ‘Lean on Me’. She was touched and loved by everyone. I see that Mrs.Powers is introvert which is not extrovert person like Principal Clark so she also has some tough time to let him know about her ideas in this school through speaking communication. She chooses to let him find out about her ideas later on.

Mrs.Powers is intuitive person. “Intuitive individuals are very imaginative, open-minded and curious. They prefer novelty over stability and focus on hidden meanings and future possibilities.” Since the scene in the movie tells that Mrs.Powers creates new version of school song to be more fun, energetic and suitable for children. She is creative and give children options to sing their own unique song. She is open-minded and explore new options in teaching.  Mrs.Powers is Feelers. She talked to Principal Clark as she cares for students. She said that student might get bored of the old songs which I believed that Mrs.Powers is feelers. She sees and feels connected with her students by imagine to stay in their shoes. In the scene movie that she’a sing the song, she hugged Principal Clark which I found that she is truly caring and lovely person.

Although Mrs.Powers is not the main character and rarely include in the movie. I think that she is judgers because any Chorus or band needs a leader who has planned and well organised. I don’t think that if students or lazy to come. Mrs. Powers would not that happy and as she has plans and give deadline for children so everyone can sing great music and happy together.

About Mrs.Powers’ Key terminals, there are Wisdom and Harmony. Mrs. Powers is the music teacher so she believes that music is another method to raise students’ consciousness about education and not giving up on their dreams. In order to pass the general test in the state, students need to believe in themselves first. Her methods are be honest, sincere and imaginative. She is brave to tell the truth to Principal Clark that students don’t like old version of the song so she took the chance to create new fun song for children. When Mrs.Powers sang a ‘Lean on me’ song then,  every students sang along. I see that her values were fulfilled. Mrs.Powers’ Key terminals and methods inspire me in working and keep friendships to everyone. It is good to know that there will always be people who cares and support you. When you work as honest and creative person, you can reach your goals and living with peace in this world.

According to Mrs.Powers’ personality type and values influence, my strategies for supervising her are supporting Mrs.Powers’ confidence by giving her own space to create new ideas and focus more on feelings to persuade and motivate her jobs. If she feels that she is one of the organisation which matches with her both personality type and key values, she would work in highest effective person. In the movie, I see that Principal Clark knows how to supervise Mrs.Powers as well. He gave her chance to create new version of school song. Mrs.Powers can have private talk with him at his room. The Principal Clark ordered students to check deadline notice board in school everyday which I see that if Mrs.Powers can see the deadline, she would prepare her course well and work happily at Eastside high school. My suggestion is that if Mrs.Powers’ key terminals are Wisdom and Harmony which are linked together, she should work more by co-operated music lesson to another class such as song in Mathematics class. This may support her creative and teaching skills.


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