All hearts are overflowed with Love confessions from “This modern Love” by Will darbyshire !


Dear, my love

It turns out to be somehow clichés when you talk about Love. ‘Love’ is some meaningful word of people in this modern society. How the word of ‘love’ changes in the past through time? Only one thing we learnt and realised about Love and How we meant to be with our loves. Technology changes us in some way. Accordingly, we started to keep messages in our own unique romantic ways. —By email or become anonymous author

“This modern Love” by Will darbyshire bring all the readers through love confessions which is still remain and expressed in words, sentences and electronics letters to you. I could see even detailed of unperfected but the most beautiful relationship in those all photos or letters together.

No matter how fate or coincidence brings me there. I am glad that I picked up this book from the shelf and read every words of the letters around the world carefully.

There are many steps in relationships started from having a crush on someone, being in love with someone to end of relationship with someone. I can feel all of those broken but joyful experiences from this book. I would like recommend you to give a try reading this book on rainy day. Therefore, you can feel that Love will always beautiful even it’s raining. Of course, there’ll be silver lining or even sunny day comes later.

Once again, This is not any love confession messages from me to my crush except that I fell in love with this book. Still, I hope my love letters with all my heart and missing would be sent to you one day ; )) *

Pipinploy , 2017




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